Our Stand

Equality of life, gender, and race is the next evolutionary step for human beings that we haven’t achieved yet. Speciate is a space of collaboration and a community of likeminded people who participate together in pursuit of this objective.

By bringing equality to the forefront of our consciousness, the way we view humans of another gender, race, or geographical location will evolve. IF we choose to partake in this evolution of spirit and mind, taking lives and committing violence will no longer be acceptable conflict resolution methods for Humanity. And trafficking other humans as slaves & sexual objects will be replaced with more evolved means to address the root ends.  

If this vision touches your heart, moves your soul and ignites the fire within you, join us on this discovery path of reinventing ourselves to create a new future for humanity.

Our Mission

We are committed to removing taking lives and violence as a conflict resolution method off the table. And YOU are included in this “we”. What did you think we could do this on our own? WE NEED YOU! 


Equality is the foundation non-violence can be built on. Global equity of genders and races is one of the first building blocks of trust, and therefore the most fertile ground for non-violent conflict resolution.


We at Speciate are fully committed to educating ourselves and providing meaningful and affective educational opportunities to the general public to promote non-violence as an effective conflict resolution method.


The are a lot of amazing work being done by philanthropic organizations around the world. We are committed to looking at the level of effectivity of what has and is currently being done, and promoting the most successful measures methodically.

Global Involvement

If we as a whole species are going to commit to stopping killing and being violent with OURSELVES, we need to start a legit conversation on what it is we want for ourselves and how we can make it happen. We firmly believe it can be done, and we know you're dying to share something you think will make this work. So click on "CONTACT US" right now! You can always give up on peace later.

Have Any Questions?

If you want to know more, have a suggestion or just want to say hi and that you were thinking of peace today and that put a smile on your face, we want to hear about it!

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